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Baldoni Davide

I am highly dedicated, and enthusiastic professional sommelier, a wine expert working in a fine restaurant and a local winery.

After 3 years in the restaurant and wineries industry as a sommelier in Cortona and South Tuscany, I decided to start sharing my wine knowledge of this region.

My experiences with wine were so transformative over last two years that I made a fateful decision to start working for myself as a young entrepreneur. I would like to meet people while they are visiting Tuscany and who want to learn more about us. I want to share with visitors the secrets and all the truth behind these special and unique regions. All my experience is supported by all the chances I’ve had to learn about Tuscany’s wines directly from the producers with whom I’ve worked closely with. I find it immensely rewarding witnessing the hard work that is put into wine making and experiencing the true expression of the terroir in that lovely fermented, aged juice.

It was not hard for me to understand and learn more about our beautiful wines like Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti Classico and Cortona’s Syrah as it is all very close to where I was born and raised. My home, in the countryside of Cortona, is the best place to get to everywhere in Tuscany. I never failed in love with this land, it is just part of my life I did not need that.

I always loved it and after traveled all around the world in the best wine regions I still think mine is one of the luckiest, god bless.

My story

  • Became wine lover

    In 2012 I become an active wine lover. I started to study its production, its distribution and I participated in many wine fairs and wine tasting around my country.

  • Sommelier Course

    My enthusiasm for this industry has prompted me to develop my passion into a career. In 2013 I enrolled in a sommelier course promoted by AIS (Italian Sommelier Association).

    During my studies, I had the opportunity to put into practice my knowledge starting to work at a famous restaurant in Cortona.

  • Starting working as a sommelier

    In 2014 I officially started my career as a sommelier.

  • Trip in California

    At the end of 2015, I started expanding my horizons: I traveled in California (Napa Valley) to learn about the wines culture in the USA.

  • Professional Sommelier

    Currently, I decide to become a professional sommelier: I left my job at the restaurant am totally committed to my career in the wine industry as a sommelier.

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