Wine Tour Tuscany

What I can do for you

Wine Tour

A wine tour with a guide is the perfect experience for any level of wine lovers to discover, learn, and to see how and why the people of this land can make great wines.

Wine Tasting

Call your personal sommelier to be guided in a friendly professional wine tasting at home in Tuscany.

Wine Holiday

I invite you to stay in Tuscany, with my family as we own a stunning property that we rent as a villa and could be the perfect place for you, your family and friends for a full immersion on wine.

Wine Shopping Assistant

I will help you for your wine buying, for any need and budget. I will show you what will be the best purchase of your life, directly from my wine knowledge.


I also offer this kind of services:

  • Management of your own cellar

    Inventory, tasting notes, organization, procurement, and insider knowledge.

  • One-on-one wine training

    Wine etiquettes, grape varietals and wine regions, the art and science of food and wine pairing.

  • Private sommelier for your party

    From bachelorettes to birthday.

You should know

My work is really flexible. If you have any kind of necessity, contact me, and we shall come up with the best possible solution.

Your amazing wine experience is here

Plan your wine tour in the most magical region of Italy.

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